On a dark, wet Friday evening, I had my second encounter with ‘Going South’ at the Morgan Centre in Crowthorne. For those not familiar, they are a group of perfectly co-ordinated ladies, known for a frank yet funny mixture of songs, jokes and general misbehaviour.

Pulling no punches, these ladies ‘tell it like it is’ on every conceivable subject; from sex, relationships, men and domestic lethargy to the weather and politics. All this plus much else besides! Dressed to kill, with their material – as always- impeccably polished, rehearsed and delivered.

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Gideon Hall

I wasn’t fully prepared for my evening in the esteemed company of ‘Going South’. Lesley and Naomi Banks, together with Mairi Cowieson are a musical comedy trio who, in their own words, ‘unleash upon you’ a flawless mixture of humorous irreverence, cut with sassy close-to-the-bone home-truths. They are all excellent performers; providing sparkle, glamour and élan with an added dash of the risqué….

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Gideon Hall

As soon as Going South walked on stage, they filled the hall with their personalities
When they started to sing, I knew it was going to be hugely entertaining evening. As a vocal trio they blended perfectly and their harmonies were beautifully arranged. We were treated to quick fire humour with hilarious lyrics, often of a risque nature. The rapturous reception was well deserved. I highly recommend these three lovely and talented ladies for concerts cabaret and corporate functions

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Vincent Lindsey-Clark

Going South entertained us magnificently at our daughters recent birthday party. Our guests loved them! All three members of the group are very talented, have great voices and a wonderful sense of humour.  We can highly recommend them – they add another dimension to your social function.

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Carl Grimm

Going South , a very talented ensemble of three ladies provided the entertainment , which was excellent being both humorous and very well sung.

Richard P from Reading

Going South, a group of very talented ladies who made the evening with catchy songs in the style of Fascinating Aida. Go with a group of friends as we did

Kevin T from Reading

Last night I went with 19 friends to the Tea Barge for our Christmas get-together. Going South provided the most hilariously humorous and tuneful singing event I have ever experienced and with the wine flowing and a very good Christmas dinner inside us, we all had the best time-can’t remember such fun in ages! The ambience on the boat is perfect for a night with friends.

Rennie W from Reading

Thank you so much for bringing your unrestrained humour, obvious talent and professional performances to my Captain’s Ball last night. You made it memorable for all the right reasons!

J Burbedge (Captain Sindlesham Golf Club)

We arranged to see ‘Going South’ for our office Christmas Party this year and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. With ages ranging in our team from 23 to 60, men and women, we were going to be a tough audience to please. As soon as Going South took to the stage we were put at our ease. With a repertoire that spans the years and comedy that ranges from risqué to high camp, there was something for everyone.

Pippa (Marketing Director at Aspire Medical Reading)